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Exclusive: Cover Reveal for A Twist of Faith by Thiago Abdalla

We have a special treat today for our loyal grimdark readers: an exclusive cover reveal for A Twist of Faith by Thiago Abdalla, the third book of his Ashes of Avarin series. The Ashes...

REVIEW: A Prelude to Ashes by Thiago Abdalla

Thiago Abdalla’s prequel novella, A Prelude to Ashes, takes place one hundred years prior to the events of A Touch of Light, Book One of The Ashes of Avarin series. One hundred years? It’s...

REVIEW: A Shade of Madness by Thiago Adballa

A Shade of Madness follows on where successful debut A Touch of Light left off and dives straight back into a world in increasing peril. Thiago Abdalla continues to demonstrate excellent worldbuilding and the...