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The expanse

REVIEW: The Expanse Series 5 Episode 4 – Gaugamela

The Expanse series five kicked off last week with three character-driven episodes that set the scene for some frankly apocalyptic happenings as the first of Marco Inaros’ stealth-coated asteroids slammed into Earth, just off...

The expanse

REVIEW: “The Expanse” Series Five Episodes 1-3 Reaction

For the uninitiated, “The Expanse” is a science fiction TV series that is now in its fifth season with at least one more to come via Amazon Prime. “The Expanse” is inspired by the...

Five Reasons To Be Excited About The Expanse Season 5

With Season Five of The Expanse only days away, let’s look ahead at five of the plot threads I’m most excited by for this season. As with yesterday’s post, if you aren’t up to...