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COVER REVEAL: Plight of Madness by Jesse Teller

First I’d like to thank Grimdark Magazine for hosting the Plight of Madness cover reveal. I’m excited to have such an important institution to the grimdark world so willing to showcase my work.  Working with Jenny Zemanek at...

REVIEW: Wrath of Madness by Jesse Teller

Wrath of Madness, book 2 of The Madness Wars begins where the first book left off, the conquest driven nation of Drine pushing through on their campaign of conquering the neighboring country of Tienne. The...

REVIEW: Crisis of Fate by Jesse Teller

Crisis of Fate is the latest book from Jesse Teller, who seems to have a knack for telling character-driven tales set in a world that’s often brutal and unforgiving. Perilisc isn’t a land for...