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REVIEW: Shogun

There were high hopes for Shogun as the limited series landed on Disney+. Based on James Clavell’s novels set in 17th Century Japan, people were already comparing it to Game of Thrones with the...

The expanse

REVIEW: The Expanse Series 5 Episode 4 – Gaugamela

The Expanse series five kicked off last week with three character-driven episodes that set the scene for some frankly apocalyptic happenings as the first of Marco Inaros’ stealth-coated asteroids slammed into Earth, just off...

The expanse

REVIEW: “The Expanse” Series Five Episodes 1-3 Reaction

For the uninitiated, “The Expanse” is a science fiction TV series that is now in its fifth season with at least one more to come via Amazon Prime. “The Expanse” is inspired by the...

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