The artist making every indie cover glow: Felix Ortiz

A few years back, I was scrolling through the Grimdark Fiction Readers and Writers Facebook group when I spotted a post by an artist who was starting out and looking to get his first cover clients. That artist’s name was Felix Ortiz, and if you fast forward to present day his brilliant cover pieces consistently draw the eye on fantasy bookshelves and social media.

Often brought even further to life by designer Shawn T King‘s works, Ortiz has a style that breathes life into the frozen moment. His works create flow and breathtaking action, and even his more experimental fan art demands you stop scrolling and pay attention to what’s happening on his canvas. Zooming in on his works often reveals further details you missed on first view, making Ortiz’s works well worth spending a few quiet minutes admiring and unpacking the scene. I’m sure many of his clients also revel in his ability to depict the smallest detail of their worlds.

Having recently commissioned Ortiz to complete the artwork for The King Must Fall, join me for a few minutes to appreciate my favourite of his works.

The Madness of Herakles by Matt Larkin

The Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames (fan art)

Dragon Slayers – Descent

The End of All Things by Alan Batchelder

The King Must Fall

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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins

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