Three Things I Wish I’d Known

November marks an occasion both amazing and terrifying: my Orbit debut, Legacy of Ash, is unleashed upon the world.

While I’ve been writing for decades now, accumulating a small library of self-published works, a back catalogue of credits with Games Workshop (and in this ‘ere Grimdark Magazine issue), this marks a huge step change for my career, and it’s set me thinking.

What advice would I go back and give a younger me, had I the opportunity to do so? What knowledge would I share, or at least try to impart to me of yesterday if he’d just stop arguing for a moment, and listen? What, in short, do I wish I’d known?

Turns out, it’s quite a long list, but I’ve narrowed it down to three points that might have made a difference. I can’t tell me (apparently the technology doesn’t exist, which is disappointing), but maybe – just maybe ­– it’ll be useful.

1) Beware of Advice

So far as I can tell, the internet suffocates under the weight of two things: cat photos, and advice for aspiring writers.

Some of the latter are easily dismissed, handily framed by phrases like ‘One Simple Trick to