Titan announces new Dead by Daylight series

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

More and more lately it seems like Titan is positioning themselves to absolutely corner the market on licensed comic book adaptations. They’ve done stellar work in the last couple years with movies, TV, and novels and now they’re leaping into the realm of video game adaptations with the survival horror hit Dead By Daylight. Capitalizing on the unique perspective pitting players against each other as both killer and survivors, the game emulates the hair-raising thrills of some of the horror genre’s most spine-tingling and beloved moments and tropes.

Unlettered interior art for Dead by Dawn

Unlettered interior art for Dead by Dawn

With the comic book version of Dead By Daylight, Titan has assembled a powerhouse team of heavy-hitters (Nadia Shammas [W], Dillon Snook [A], Emilio Lecce [C]) to portray a prequel story that establishes the origins of many themes and organizations that fans of the game itself will find familiar and newcomers engrossing. It’ll be exciting to see a fresh, original take on an already established setting provided by star writer Nadia Shammas, with art duties tackled by Dillon Snook and Emilio Lecce. The art itself in the upcoming comic is a departure from the gritty, realistic graphics of Dead By Daylight the game but instead of being a jarring difference it’s very cool. Fresh and frenetic, lending to the to the more sinister and surreal aspects of the game’s world. Dead By Daylight’s art is bright and stylized, creating a shocking tableau when blood is splattered across the page.

Set for release this spring, Dead By Daylight promises to be something fans of horror should keep on their radars and add to their pull lists. Whether you’re a fan of the game or just looking for something new and frightening to sink your teeth into, you’ll be sure to get a kick out of the upcoming book. Titan scores major bonus points for the first issue’s release, as they’ve enlisted a whole trove of amazing artists to contribute variant covers for Dead By Daylight’s debut issue including Lenka Simeckova, Ivan Tao, and Chris Shehan—but for my money all they had to do to guarantee me snagging the first issue was the glorious Jae Lee cover. Wait till you get a load of that one. So, comic fans and horror hounds, save the date. May 24th Dead By Daylight will be darkening the stands of your local comic shops, and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

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