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Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher

Last Updated on July 9, 2024

Our man in the trenches Tom Smith gets into the darkest side of fantasy, catching up with Beyond Redemption author and champion of grimdark fantasy, Michael R. Fletcher. We chat about his writing process and inspirations, Irish whiskey and the Hemmingway approach, as well as the impact and use of music in his process. Finally, a few interesting tid bits on what’s coming in 2021 from one of our favourite authors.

You’ll know Fletcher from pretty much every major project we’ve had (Evil is a Matter of Perspective, and various GdM issues) or have in development (In the Shadow of their Dying and The King Must Fall). Needless to say, we’re big fans and love a good chin wag with him.

A special mention goes out to Graeme Morgan from Odd Robot Design who helped not only save me with the development of this video (as you all likely know by now, I have a penchant for breaking tech things), but also with the Steven Erikson video.

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Tom Smith

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