Warhammer Amazon contracts are signed and it’s time to start ramping up your excitement

Last Updated on June 26, 2024

In December of last year we were part of an online chorus of wary exhilaration when it was announced an agreement between Games Workshop and Amazon was in the works. Yesterday it was announced the Warhammer Amazon contracts are signed. Work has begun under stern executive production overseer and Warhammer fanatic, Henry Cavill. And if the announcement over on the Warhammer Communities page is anything to go by, it’s time to start ramping up that excitement (on a slow burn, naturally, as this is the movie and TV industry).

Back in December last year we announced Games Workshop and Amazon Studios had signed an agreement in principle to work together to bring the Warhammer 40,000 universe to screens, big and small.

Well, today we have an update, and it’s one we’ve all been longing to hear. We’ve now signed the full agreement and the next stage can begin!

There isn’t a huge amount of additional detail in the announcement, but there are some key things we should look at.

Henry Cavill remains executive producer of the Warhammer Amazon team

With how quickly crew (producers, writers, actors) seem to drop in and out of projects these days, it is a colossal relief to see that Cavill remains as the executive producer (and hopeful star) of the Warhammer Amazon collaboration.

All we can tell you right now is that an elite band of screenwriters, each with their own particular passion for Warhammer, is being assembled to help bring the setting and characters you love to the screen. This illustrious group will be championed by Henry Cavill, who stands ready to take his place as executive producer – bringing his pen, sword and/or spear to the project.

To me, Cavill is pivotal to the success of this venture. He is a big fan of the franchise; and with the kinds of lore knowledge he’s reported to have brought to the The Witcher, it seems likely that he gets it and understands what makes the Warhammer 40,000 universe awesome. We’ve seen what can happen to even the biggest dark fantasy stories when the writers go too far off script, with Cavill leaving the role of Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher from Netflix over creative differences, and fans dropping the series like a broken sword. We’ve all got our fingers crossed that, under Cavill’s leadership, the Warhammer Amazon collaboration is a wild success for years to come.

When can we watch Warhammer on Amazon Prime

When I said you need to slow-burn that excitement ramp up, I meant it. While I’m sure that now the contracts are signed a marketing team will start to drip feed us delicious morsels of teasing information over time, the announcement made it quite clear we’re going to be waiting until likely 2027 at the earliest to see feature or series-length content on screen.

TV and Film production is a mammoth undertaking. It’s not unusual for projects to take two to three years from this point before something arrives on screen. Still, things are now properly rolling, and you can bet we’ll bring you all the latest updates and cool snippets as soon as we’re able.

As a firm believer in doing something properly and not quickly, I am happy to wait to see them hit the big and small screens.

But what about WarhammerTV?

As somebody who subscribed on day one of Games Workshop’s WarhammerTV subscription, I have noticed (and I am sure I’m not the only one to have noticed) a notable reduction in the release schedule of animated WarhammerTV animated series (though the quality of productions like Pariah: Nexus is still amazing). Also, some of the promised sequels to previous fan series, such as the absolutely magnificent Astartes by Syama Pedersen, have not come to fruition. While the Games Workshop community announcement does not seem to delineate between animated and live action, and it provides an interesting correlation between the time it likely took to create, negotiate, and sign this deal, and the seeming rolling down of animated content on the WarhammerTV app. There is still plenty on there for gamers and hobbyists, to be clear, but for this subscriber, the animations were all I wanted, and I wonder if it’s future is to be focussed on the actual game and hobby, versus the animated series.

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